Introduction to airflow management (AFM)

Why is airflow management necessary in agrofood facilities? 

One or more islets of hygienic air conditioning in an ocean of more or less “wild” airborne pollution cannot ensure the sanitary quality of agri-food products out of manufacturing.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure a consistently sanitary environment surrounding products.

What is airflow management?

The goal of air flow magangement is avoid the risk of product contamination

In order to avoid this…

  • Molding Bread
  • Listeria on ham
  • Salmonella in dairy products
  • E-Coli in ground meat

What are the sources of contamination of food products?

There are multiple sources of contamination in a factory

  • Raw materials
  • The premises – working methods
  • Machines/Equipment
  • Operating & Support personnel
  • Humid ambient air

How to avoid contamination?

Preventing contamination:

  • Quality control at product reception
  • Architectural design adapted to premises
  • Choice of materials, disinfection & cleaning, hygienic design
  • Hygiene, properly dressed, signs up outlining necessary behavior
  • Ventilation, filtration, cascade pressures, preventive maintenance

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  • Introduction to airflow management (AFM)

Work methods and referencesComprehensive hygiene policy

  • Generalization of methods HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
  • Toolkit IFS BRC Factory Zoning
  • Regulation ISO 22000

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