EcoCTA: The polypropylene Air Handling Unit

Clauger launches its new Air Handing Unit: the EcoCTA. With this 100% Clauger new material, the company responds to the needs in air flow from 2000 m3/h to 18000 m3/h (1 200 CFM up to 12 000 CFM), adapted to the agri-food market.

Specific features:

  • Circular shape.
  • Manufacturated in polypropylene (food grade plastic).

This new material has many advantages:

In terms oh hygiene:

This central ensures optimal cleaning, as it has no angular profiles and all its welds are smooth. The circular structure
allows the natural flow of the condensates and washing waters towards the evacuations, located in the bottom part of
the equipment.

In terms of energy:

  • Filtration conducted by the Clauger EcoFilters with low pressure drop and long life.
  • Using a high performance turbine with an EC motor and an integrated VLC.
  • Adiabatic cooling with loose packing.

For the heat exchange function , a cooling solution , an adiabatic coil will be placed in the future in order to optimize the
internal volume of the circular EcoCTA.

This technology is suitable for warm and dry climate countries (North Africa, Middle East, Central America).

  • La gamme EcoCTA Clauger permet de maîtriser les ambiances en alliant haute hygiène & économies d’énergie.

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