Air Diffusion Options

Air diffusion range

Clauger offers a wide range of air diffusion systems, which are an important feature in air quality management.

These systems are customized to respond to the air hygiene and safety requirements.

The air diffusion through textile ducts allows an homogeneous air movement (at low, medium or high speed), depending on the needs of the clients.

Fan wall: the fan walls allow an homogeneous air diffusion on full height and on a wide length. They can also be used as air returns.

Air diffusion through laminar flow: the DAL air diffusion systems are conceived to provide air by laminar flow to de-dusted workstations.

These systems, as conceived by Clauger, are equipped with an air distribution organ and with a diffusing cloth, ensuring a perfect laminarity.

To note:

In some cases, (for instance, in very high ceiling halls) we recommend a numerical simulation study to ensure results of quality.

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