Heat and cold thermal Skids & chiller groups


With the integration of the ABIX and SOLEV brands, Clauger position itself as an expert in process fluids (monofluids from -100°C to +400°C).

The heat / cold thermal skids allow the heating, the control and cooling of the installations from -100°C to +400°C in monofluids).thermorégulateur

The skids may be associated with cooling groups, allowing for their regularization and cooling.

The skids range, as offered by Clauger, has various advantages:

  • Autonomy and adaptability of heat transfer fluid loops
  • Replication of chemical reaction and crystallization phase
  • Monofluid device (anhydrous)
  • Control of temperature gradients
  • Possibility of operating with dual-energy

Clauger’s skids are designed according to your needs:

  • Respectful of your installation constraints
  • Respectful of your dimensional constraints
  • CE or UL norms
  • ATEX (94-9-CE)

The skids operate with the energy available on site.


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