Clauger’s Bi-Way Cell improves quick cooling times by over 20% by using a reverse air-flow system on pallets


Cellule de refroidissement Bi-WayThe innovation proposed by Clauger reduces temperature differences between products, a key step in the cooling process

The 1st cooling cell that reverses the directi on of the air-fl ow on pallets.

The proposed evolution consists of ventilating products with alternating air-flows so exposure times are identical on both sides.

From a technical point of view, Clauger has integrated the capacity for reversing air-fl ows over pallets in the design of its equipment. The Bi-Way Cell is proposed either in suction or in blower mode.

Clauger has associated its Air Control Visual piloting application, specially adapted for quick cooling, to the Bi-Way cell.

This application is used for managing cells (adapting air-flows / cooling times depending on products), coolers and conveyor systems.

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