BIOCLIMATIC : The first ever hygienic cooling tower


The Clauger cooling tower meets cooling requirements for chilling or process circuits.

It differs from traditional towers :

Tour de Refroidissement Bioclimatic
  • “Mobile” thermal exchange packing
  • A rounded shape (by reducing biofilm zones)
  • Designed in plastic (PPH)


With a carbon footprint 25% lower than in traditional towers, the Clauger cooling tower’s design also offers other benefits:

  • Water footprint: very low volumes of water required for operation
  • Energy gain: optimum electrical power for pumpingand limited head loss on air.

Easy servicing 

The hygienic cooling tower has been specially designed  for faciliting maintenance operations and thereby guarantee continued energy performance.

In compliance with the classified facilities directive – heading 2921, the Bioclimatic cooling tower is available in 3 versions:

  • open
  • close
  • hybrid

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